Make a Statement

To Make a Long Story Short

Consistent across my lifetime is the endless pursuit of the human form and the atoms that reside within; skeletal, psychological, & celestial.

Stay for Coffee Version

Drink & Draw

I am trained traditionally in oil painting.  Throughout my formal training, I consistently returned to the human form and its many faces.  Hours upon hours of bleary stares at an unclothed model led me to inquire more deeply about the rhythm, reason, and divine attributes of form. Early in my work, inspired by Alex Grey, I considered becoming a forensic artist performing acts of duty similar to that of  DaVinci as he hunched over corpses. Although I predictably return to oil painting, I have explored printmaking, photography, drawing, sculpture, glass, & mixed media.  Commonly, I stage a photo shoot to depict an image or series of images to work with.  Aesthetics are of great importance, however, the meaning, the myth, and the story behind the work evoke precedence.  My work has gone through periods that emphasized cathartic expression,  women and weapons, women as warriors, technical portrayals of portraits, love in the apocalypse, distortions of human form, & issues of social justice.

Most recently exhausted is a body of work focused on archetypal and Jungian themes depicted with ink and chalk pastels. The written word is a collaborating element of the work, sometimes the work is written upon directly.  I am hopeful that the work will elucidate psychological themes and act as a primary prevention that sparks conversations of personal evolution and growth.

Psychological narrative remains present in my current work, however, my obsession dictates illumination.  Quite literally, as oil and acrylic pigment coat glass and illuminate to create a spiritual experience anywhere I see fit… as seen on TV… in a church.   My glass ought not be organized, and it isn’t.  The newest body of work constitutes an evolving process that is under constant revision.  It is shiny.  It is new.  And it’s clinky with the palette knife.